Chocolate Chip Cookies

A classic recipe for chocolate chip cookies. If you read my post on easy ways to not screw up your cookies, you’ll know how much these scare me. I usually […]

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NYC : My Heart and My Stomach

I could go on and on about my emotions towards New York and it’s food scene. But I’m not because no one cares probably. ¬†Thanks to Chris Stang and The […]

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Easy Peasy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

There’s not much explaining to do except that this is an easy peasy chocolate and peanut butter fudge recipe. I say this because it requires few ingredients, and zero oven […]

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Dutch Baby

A “dutch baby” is the actual and legit name that means one giant baked pancake, sometimes referred to as a German pancake. It’s ONE of the coolest creations because as […]

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Egg Boat = Eggs in Bread

An egg boat is literally what you would think it is. Eggs that are baked in bread to make it look like a boat. I’ve seen this made tons of […]

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