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Food is my passion. I get super excited when I try new things or plan to eat somewhere new. I like to travel because it’s an excuse to eat different types of food from all over the world. I believe food is not just something to sustain life but it brings people together. People make plans around food.

“Let’s go to lunch and catch up.” “Wanna go to the cafe down the block and do our work there?” “This new restaurant downtown is supposed to be good we should have the party there.”

However, not only do I love food for this reason but making it is even better. There are so many possibilities and ingredients out there that it’s incredible the way things can come together to form something so beautiful and delicious. It amazes me. I’m always searching and trying to come up with new recipes and every time I come across something new it’s like why didn’t I think of that before?

Baking has been a passion of mine for years and it’s only grown. I have also developed a love for writing. I have always been a creative person with a lot of thoughts and felt the best way for me to express these thoughts is by writing them down. Kind of like a judgement free way to give me peace of mind on certain matters. The past couple of years I have, as you guessed it, learned a way to combine these two loves of mine.

If you were to take a look at the tabs on my computer it goes as follows: Grub Street, Pinterest, Food Gawker, Facebook, Buzzfeed, Eater, Thrillist, Infatuation, Tumblr. In regards to this blog/website situation here, I don’t care if anyone really wants to read my posts or has an interest in hearing what I have to say about food but I do feel the need to share for whoever cares to listen. Also, if I make something for you know that I do it because I like to see people smile and the way I make people happy is through baking.

Now, I’ve taken my dreams and decided it’s time to pursue them by taking on (America’s Best Culinary School?!?!!!!) ICE, in the Culinary Arts Program. I cannot wait to take this diploma and RUN with it. 

ALSO – Brunch is the shit. Why do so many chefs hate on it?


Email: adrosello@ymail.com


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