Hola, Adios, Gracias, Etc….

About 7 months ago in the Summer of 2014 I went to Spain with my family. I feel very lucky that I can say that because not many people can say that they went on a family vacation to Spain. So, it’s pretty unreal that this actually happened so before I say anything more, we hadn’t gone on a family vacation out of the country for about 5 years and this was all my mom’s doing. Of course we couldn’t argue against because it’s Spain for f*cks sake but whatever, it happened and I’m honestly a very lucky and happy lady at the moment.


So we traveled to a very small city called San Sebast√≠an located in the Northern part of the country. OMG let me tell you about the food. To this day I still think about the watermelon and tomato gazpacho I cleanly licked the bowl. I may have over consumed seafood just a little and although it’s kinda hard to do that in a foreign country, I seriously think I may have. I also may have hated it because I was hungover everyday and eating fish in that state kinda makes a person want to gag. In any case, it was delicious and I did it. A little sangria and fried calamari never hurt no one.


Spain as you probably know, is known for its tapas which I learned is from the way you are supposed to put the little plates of food on top of your drink and eat from there. Modern day tapas which I experienced, are loaded up as little appetizers on much bigger plates all across the bar. People then go with an empty plate and fill it with whatever they want to eat and then pay from there. So the Spanish typically eat dinner ¬†around 10 pm so when you walk into a tapas bar at this time, honestly good luck getting some food because it is packed let me tell you. You’re New Yorker really comes out at a time like this because you just have to push your way and yell at the waiter to get what you want. Kinda awesome actually.


In other food news…PAELLA=BOMB. Best seafood paella of my life. I tried to take the best picture but the lighting kinda sucked. Anyway just close your eyes and imagine it. It was better. Great job Spain you killed it.



Salivating. I could eat that for breakfast. For dessert? I could eat this (and I did). The first two is the same thing and before you judge a dessert by its bubbles, it’s a chocolate bubble lava cake thing and underneath was ice cream and it was delicious. The next two is dessert french toast, and a ginger and raspberry cake with ice cold ice cream again.





Wow I’m so hungry.

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