It’s Not Too Late to Make this Sweet Log Cabin Winter Wonderland

Gingerbread houses are so Christmastime…


Every year for the past few years I’ve made a gingerbread house and every year I try to top myself. I decided to go a different route this year and instead make a log cabin. I was getting some ideas from Pinterest, obviously, and I saw someone did this and absolutely had to make one.

I used pretzels for the logs, Chex for the roof, and just accented it with snow (sugar) and a wreath (chocolate). I also used actual cardboard as the base to stick the pretzels on. You can use gingerbread if you plan on eating the whole thing, but I wasn’t going to eat it so decided the cardboard was much easier. 

I also found white melting chocolate wafers make for a much stronger “glue” then royal icing. I have used royal icing in the past and it definitely works but takes longer to harden I find, so the melting wafers are much better. 

I created a little chimney and put some trees and the snow on the ground is coconut, and of course a dust of powdered sugar.

So cute!! 

Check out the video below: 



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