Recreate the Infamous Milkshake From Black Tap in NYC

Even if you aren’t from New York you know about the insane milkshakes from Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer. They are so over the top and extravagant it’s crazy. People wait hours just to get their turn to not just taste and see it IRL, but to Instagram and hopefully make everyone jealous. I saw pics of these and was dying because I just HAD to try. But once I heard about the lines, my lazy impatient self couldn’t deal.

Therefore, I took today..a Sunday afternoon and the national day of do-nothing-because-you’re-too-hungover, to make my own version of the Black Tap milkshake. It was surprisingly easy because you don’t really have to make anything. You just put whatever you want on it and let it come to life. Then stare at it  and ponder whether you can actually bring yourself to eat the damn thing. Here is what I made, but you can honestly be creative as you want with it that’s the best part. No experience required. Have fun!!





1 pint ice cream
whole milk
melting chocolate
candy and chocolates of your choice
whipped cream
some sort of syrup ex: chocolate, caramel, nutella, peanut butter etc.
big, clear cup


Blend together ice cream and milk, set aside.

Tilt cup and pour syrup on the inside of the cup to create a drip effect. Melt chocolate and spread on the rim and outer lid of the cup. Stick whatever candy or snacks you want to it (I did pretzels and m&ms).

Pour in milkshake. Top with a few good scoops of whipped cream. Then go nuts! Top with whatever you want. Cookies, Reeses, sprinkles, candy, whatever makes you happy at the end of the day.



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