Where to Eat: New York

New York has been deemed one of the top food capitals in the world. Unlike most cities in the United States, New York City is chock full of diverse food that has been building a reputation for decades. It’s not just about the obvious Little Italy and Chinatown, it’s about the Greek, Sushi, Polish, Southern, Portuguese, French, Vegetarian, Delis, Vietnamese, Thai..should I continue?

What I love most about New York, is just that. Of course, you’ll never find a better slice of pizza to satisfy your drunk stupid self, or a better bagel to cure the hangover created by your drunk stupid self, but there is literally hundreds of thousands of restaurants and little hidden gems everywhere you look.

I used to keep a notes section in my phone of all the places I’d want to try, but it got so long I had to actually move it to a notepad to keep it organized. Now I carry that everywhere I go. I’ve managed to cross off a good amount of places but with one elimination, comes one addition. But I’m not mad about it.

Why trust me? Frankly, I don’t care if you read this, or think this is bogus. There are hundreds of people doing the same exact thing I am. This isn’t FOR you, it’s for me actually but I figured I should share my knowledge. If there is one thing anyone knows about me/should know about me, it’s my love of food. No, sorry my obsession, infatuation and lust of food.

For anyone who has ever asked me the following:

“Where should I go to brunch this weekend?” “Do you know any good delis around here?” “I need a good place to take my parents.” “What is your favorite bagel place?” “I’m by Prospect Park, where should we eat that’s quick but good?”


Jk keep asking..and take me with you.

The Must Hit Up List 

The Best Boozy Bottomless Brunch List Ever

The “I Need To Eat Here ASAP” List 

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